2014. Time to get on with it.

Posted on Jan 4, 2014
2014. Time to get on with it.

'I Could Redo' Shoot.

So, it’s January 2014, 9 months since my first post. I must have been busy. I think I finally finished this site, which after all this time feels like both an amazing victory and a crushing defeat. A lot has happened since last April. I’ve seen some close friends go through some really tough times and experienced a few challenging moments myself. The year rolled to a bit of a messy end, just sort of collapsing around me as energy and motivation finally ran out on most levels. Christmas has given me lots of time to consider what’s important – creatively, emotionally and spiritually – and whilst I’m not really into pinning my hopes of change on the fact that a new year happens to be starting, I do feel this pause has given me a chance to re-engage with the never-ending quest to find out what it’s all about, whilst hopefully making better work and becoming a better person along the way.

Oh, and I made a made a music video for Serengeti – an artist I have a great deal of respect for – which is pretty much the damn coolest way to start 2014.

Happy new year.