Dead Format is the personal work of Bristol based director, designer and film-maker James Ward.

Key Points.

My main interest is in making beautiful work for music. I place a strong emphasis on exploring how moving image can both complement and enhance, as well as disturb and distract from the audio it is accompanying.

I spend most of my time as a creative director at Scubaboy Inc, the production studio I set-up and co-run with my good friend Jonathan Hardy. Over the years working at Scubaboy Inc I have developed a strong interest in design through producing commercial work for demanding clients. This has helped me to develop an understanding of the challenge faced when trying to balance the form, function and process of designing. I am neither a great designer, nor a great technician, but I have an appreciation of what it takes to succeed at both, and that knowledge informs almost all of my personal work.

As well as running Scubaboy Inc, myself and Jonathan also direct together as ‘Scubaboy’.┬áThis site contains both work I have created with Jonathan as part of Scubaboy and work I have created just as myself. All the work is produced through Scubaboy Inc.

Additional Points.

I make pretty much everything in Adobe After Effects.
I sometimes also use Adobe Photoshop and very occasionally Adobe Illustrator. I edit in Adobe Premiere.
I like taking photographs and I have a photo blog that I don’t update as often as I would like here: No Longer In Print.
I reside in Easton in Bristol, where I share a house with Esther, Ezra, Howie and Farley.
I like cricket, coffee, Islay whiskies, riding my bicycle and ambient electronica.
I dislike fundamental religious beliefs and the unending pain and suffering they cause throughout the world.

A short history.

Born (Guildford, Surrey 1980). Childhood (partly Eastbourne, mainly Farnham, 1980-1992). School (Farnham, 1992-1996). College (Alton, 1996-1998). University (Bournemouth 1998-2001). Job (Farnham, 2001-2002). Job (Bournemouth, 2002-2005). Marriage (Esther, 2003-ongoing). Freelance (Bournemouth, then Bristol, 2005-2010). Homeowner (Bristol, 2008). Scubaboy Inc (2010-present). Father (Ezra, 2012-ongoing).