New work. Some thoughts. And so on.

Posted on May 8, 2014
New work. Some thoughts. And so on.

Deconstruct. Reconstruct.

I’ve been trying to get on with it this year. Despite the pressure on my time feeling greater than ever, Scubaboy Inc has continued to grow/morph and personal projects have happened. These things always seem to move a lot slower than I’d like, but they are moving.

It’s been a bit of funny old start to the year for Scubaboy Inc. We’ve had lot’s of projects stopping and starting and then stopping again, which has made it hard to gain much momentum with anything to be honest. I also spent the best part of 2 nights refitting the studio after what I thought was a small job turned out to be something much much bigger than I had anticipated. Still, it looks nice now and we finally got round to putting some prints on wall, a full  4 years after buying the frames.

This week we welcomed our 4th full-time member. Compared to most studios that’s a very modest tally, but we’re not most studios and I am very proud of how we’ve grown over the last 4 years. It can be a tough ride at times, but I am privileged to share my time there with people I trust and respect both as colleagues and friends. The most important things in my life are the people I share it with and Scubaboy Inc is a big part of my life, so I am grateful for this.

Outside of the Inc I’ve been keeping myself busy with another project for Serengeti. We started talking about doing something for his track ‘Firebird Logo’ around Christmas time, with the idea that it would take me a lot less time to finish than the last project we did. I finished it last week. Whilst 3 months might not exactly count as ‘quick’, it is a whole month quicker than it took to make ‘I Could Redo’. It’s all relative.

As is often the case with projects I take on outside of my day job, I did most of it in the wrong order. I started shooting footage before my idea was fully formed. I graded everything before it was edited. I developed 2 or 3 new ideas whilst I was editing and spent the last few days I had to work on the edit creating brand new material from scratch. I think I often work this way partly as it feels natural to me to start working on fragments of an idea as they occur to me (I guess to see if they are worth exploring further) and partly as a reaction against the structured way we usually have to approach projects at the studio.

I have always been interested in how the creative process effects the final outcome. Creative freedom from deadlines, budgets and schedules often sounds appealing, but the reality for me is that unlimited freedom can result in crippling inactivity. Despite all this, as a piece of work I’m quite proud of it. As frustrating as it can be at times from a process perspective, my main aim is nearly always to try and capture the raw emotion I get from the music and then transfer that emotion to moving images with minimal translation along the way. Sometimes that can be quite narrative based, sometimes it can be quite abstract. Either way, I think I managed that on this occasion. I guess you can decide for yourself here.

There is more to write but time has defeated me. Goodnight.